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I was born in Sep 1962. I am happily married to my 1st (& only) lovely wife Dagmar. We have daughter called Ivana and a son, Filip. When I was young I did a lot of sport (ski jumping and cross country skiing). I live in the Kingdom of Wallachia in the Czech Republic and my nickname is Vinco. I have always had an interest in symmetric geometric shapes created with the beauty of wood. My interest began in 1999. My 1st contact with Puzzle events was at the World Puzzle Championships held in Brno in the Czech Rep. In this event I prepared two puzzles for the competitors to take turns in trying to solve. I love working with woods familiar to my region and have been inspired by the works of Coffin, Lensh, Pellican adn Dubois among others. Most of my puzzles move on coordinated motions. I also like packing puzzles. I like cycling, skiing and above all enjoying the mountain air.

Below you can see what I like. I don't know what to prefer: ski or bike :-)

I hope I add some other activities in the future.



How were the ball puzzles made